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Category Icon -General Questions (12)
Category Icon Biosensing (222)
O2, NO, metal, and pH electrodes, Respirometry systems
Category Icon Cameras (1)
Category Icon Cell Biology Tools (53)
Microinjection, Tissue sampling, Microinjection, Illumination
Category Icon Chambers (514)
Chambers, accessories for on and around the microscope
Category Icon Electrophysiology Equipment (151)
Patch, Oocyte clamps, Bilayer Workstation, Amplifiers, Filters, Neurolog, Ussing/Diffusion
Category Icon Electrophysiology Tools (55)
Microelectrode glass, holders and pullers, Micromanipulators, Microforge, Vibration isolation
Category Icon Microincubation (76)
Microincubators, Superfusion, Culture dish platforms, Accessories
Category Icon Oko Lab (24)
Stage and Cage Incubator Systems
Category Icon Perfusion (96)
Valve control, Fast-Step, Pumps, Gas controllers, Spill detection
Category Icon Planar Lipid Bilayer (83)
Single channel recording on artificial membranes
Category Icon Temperature Control (194)
Controllers, In-line heater/coolers, Jackets, Objective warmers
Category Icon Ussing/Diffusion (60)
Epithelial transport
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  1. What is a BNC connector?
  2. How can bilayer capacitance be measured using a patch clamp amplifier?
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  4. What is the potential of Ag/AgCl electrodes?
  5. What is the difference between sensitivity and detection limit?
  6. Does Warner offer a 1mm Ag/AgCl electrode pellet with a PTFE sleeve around the silver wire?
  7. How long can you use an agar bridge for?
  8. What are the differences between chassis and circuit ground?
  9. How do I chloride my silver wire?
  10. How can a ground wire be attached to a chamber that doesn't have an agar bridge?
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  1. Popular QuestionWhat will happen if I leave the SH-27B inline solution heater on with no solution in it or with the solution not flowing?
  2. Popular QuestionCan the SH-27B be used at flow rates less than 2ml/min?
  3. Popular QuestionCan I use the rapid flow in-line solution heater (SH-27B) for flow rates less than 2ml/min?
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  5. Popular QuestionDoes a control unit come with the standard motorized control micromanipulator?
  6. Popular QuestionCan coverglass be autoclaved?
  7. Popular QuestionIs the coverglass in sterile packaging?
  8. Popular QuestionWhat is the VA (wattage) of the TC-124A?
  9. Popular QuestionDoes Warner offer a 1mm Ag/AgCl electrode pellet with a PTFE sleeve around the silver wire?
  10. Popular QuestionDoes Warner make Teflon bilayer cups?

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